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Unique opportunity to pay tribute to Anzacs

Unique opportunity to pay tribute to Anzacs

Cruise & Maritime Voyages, in conjunction with Albany-based travel agent Travel with Purpose, is providing a unique opportunity to pay tribute to “our” Anzacs. The cruise ship Astor will make a special extended visit to Albany in January during a 4-night return cruise that will depart from Fremantle on January 21, 2018. She is scheduled to arrive in to King George Sound, Albany at the special time of 4am, on Tuesday, January 23, 2018, in time for guests to witness a special dawn service from a unique vantage point off Middleton Beach.

Astor will also extend her stay until 10pm, allowing for plenty of time for passengers to explore Albany and, if desired, follow its Anzac story. A special RSL afternoon tea with Regimental Colonel Brigadier Geoff Hand AM.RFD. as the guest speaker, is also organised. Passengers can then attend a special dusk service, complete with the playing of the last post, at My Clarence.

John Spark from Travel with Purpose said we believed that we don’t to need to wait for a special day to remember and respect the sacrifices made by our troops in WWI. “I don’t think dawn services and opportunities to pay our respects to the Anzacs should be reserved for one day of the year,” he said. “People travel to Gallipoli throughout the year and still find it a moving and emotional experience. This will be no different. Albany is home to the National Anzac Centre because it plays a big part in the war and that part of our history is easy to explore during a visit.”

CMV is offering a special “Buy One Get One Free” deal for the cruise.

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Grant Hunter, CMV’s CEO in Australasia and Asia said that the company, including its crew was excited to be able to get involved in a unique opportunity to celebrate the spirit of the Anzacs. “Astor will return to Fremantle in December for her fifth summer of cruising based in Australia. Over the past four years she has become entrenched in the WA way of life,” he said. “Anzac Day and remembering the sacrifices that Australians made for their country is a big part of that.

“Each year though, Astor is cruising the northern hemisphere, from London, when Anzac Day falls, so this is a great opportunity for us to be a part in something that could not be more Australian. We are proud and excited to be able to offer this itinerary”.


The schedule

  • 21 Jan 18 - Depart Fremantle 5pm
  • 22 Jan 18 - at sea
  • 23 Jan 18 - Celebrate the Anzacs, scheduled to arrive in to Albany 4am, scheduled to depart Albany 10pm
  • 24 Jan, 2018 - at sea
  • 25 Jan, 2018 - Arrive Fremantle 8am

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